I love programming synths. Many of the instruments used for this album were created from scratch from a single oscillator and then built up from there. I don't have an analogue modular (yet!) but i spend a great deal of time making Logic's soft synths sound as analogue as possible. Of course the ones from GForce, Arturia and Native instruments sound already fantastic, so less work there.

Influences and inspiration for this album came mostly from early electronic music pioneers like Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Michael Hoenig, and others in the same genre. I still listen to their classic albums regularly. I find they sound as refreshing today as they ever did back in the seventies. I miss those days of concept albums with 20-minute long compositions that transition subtly between movements like classical music.

This album is my first foray into this genre, but certainly not my last. I intend to do a follow-up album with, space permitting, a true modular in my arsenal. This genre of music certainly takes me in directions i'm not familiar with, especially the odd time signature sequences and the complicated structures built around them. Mistakes will happen but, as the story goes, wonderful results sometimes come from mistakes. Let's hope i make some really good ones!

The patch of least resistance

Recorded:  2008

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Track listing:


02/Sequence 1

03/Sequence 2