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disk 1

01/Component 1

02/Component 2

03/Component 3

04/Component 4

05/Component 5

06/Component 6

disk 2

01/The Stria Mix

Back in 2003 i was reading a lot on sound theory and came across an article on John Chowning, the brilliant researcher who discovered frequency modulation, better know as FM.

After trying my best at understanding his discovery and the FM concept, i heard his famous piece entitled Stria and was mesmerized with what i heard. After listening to it a few times, i sat down in front of my beloved Korg MS2000 and tried to program patches and produce sounds that were inspired by this musical piece, hence the title of this album.

If you are curious and want to know more about Chowning and hear Stria, i suggest you get a copy of a cd entitled “OHM+ : The early gurus of electronic music (1948-1980)”. In the meantime, just click on the tracks to the left to hear my own inspired creations. If you’re into strange noises and sound effects, you should get your fix for the day. If not, well, just pretend you’re watching a PBS special on outer-space exploration or something.

The Stria Experiment

Recorded:  2003

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