During the late nineties something happened, i can’t put my finger on it, but i suddenly had the urge to make music. This album is the result of my first foray into this music-making twilight zone.

I had no idea what i was doing. I was simply following my instinct and satisfying my desire to make some noises of my own.

All of these tracks were recorded on a consumer tape-cassette recorder. So no overdubs, no second chances, just press record on the tape recorder and forever live with the mistakes made during this one-shot process.

My only sound producing instruments at the time consisted of the Korg Electribes and the wonderful MS2000, my very first synth. No computer, no outboard effect, no software sequencer. The sounds you hear came straight out of the analogue outputs of these little boxes.

As for the track titles, well, they don’t really mean a thing so don’t look for hidden messages.

The Early Recordings

Recorded: 2002

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Track listing:

disk 1

01/hello, goodbye

02/la pause jazz

03/la pause jazz(bis)

04/transmitting from Mars

05/trente-trois jours à la dérive

06/la caverne

07/la salle des machines

disk 2

01/dream come true

02/as time goes by

03/like waking up from a good coma

04/aguila en el cielo

05/little drummer boy

06/until next time