Tribute to Solvent

Recorded:  2008

Instruments:  EXS (Linn), CR-78), ES1, ES2, ESp

While surfing this site you will soon find that i am a big fan of a Toronto artist named Solvent. He was a huge inspiration to me, and still is today, for getting equipment and composing tracks of my own. For a while now i wanted to pay tribute to him with a song, but things just never seemed to fall into place, until this one came along.

Dear old drum machine

Recorded:  2008

Instruments: EXS (TR-77), ES1, ES2, ESe. ESp. GForce String Machine, Novation KS, Korg MS2000

For some reason, i started tripping on old drum machines. The TR-77 is said to be Roland's first such machine from 1972. I liked its sounds very much, and so i got samples from Goldbaby, loaded them in Logic's EXS sampler and began making beats. The synths were programmed to sound light, sparkling, and played rhythmically to blend in with the beat. The result: a cute little melody that pays tribute to the old rhythm machines of yesterday. On a side note, i liked the sounds of the TR-77 so much that i actually looked in the classified and bought a real one from a guy who was getting rid of his. Recycling can be fun!

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Synthpop for ever, part 1

Recorded:  2008

Instruments:  EXS (Linn), ES1, ES2, ESe

This song pays tribute to all those eighties bands i listened to while i growing up. Inspiration for this track came with the sound of the Linndrum. I kept the beat simple like in the good old days, with just a bass drum and snare drum hammering away a metronome-like rhythm. Then came the bass line, an instantly appealing riff that just came out like that without much thought. The various synth melodies that come and go really glue the whole piece together and introduce some infectious little hooks. The result is a catchy, bouncy number that sounds like it came straight out of the eighties. I'm sure it will remind you of so many hits of the time without being able to put your finger on one in particular.

Synthpop for ever, part 2

Recorded:  2008

Instruments: EXS (Linn), ES1, ES2, ESe

Like the title says, it's the second part to Synthpop for ever. I just couldn't get enough of that Linndrum beat and so i kept on going. Inspiration was pulling me in a more techno direction and so i went along for the trip and came up with this track. It's less bouncy than part 1 but as danceable if not more. It makes a perfect transition to part 1, listen to them one after the other.

Gin Tonic

Recorded:  2011

Instruments:  Roland TR-707, Korg MS2000, Roland AlphaJuno, Novation KS, Roland JP-8080

This one has two parts, the first part sounds a little bit Erasure-esque with a happy uplifting vibe, while the second part moves into darker territory à la Depeche Mode. Again this track begs for vocals to be added, if only i could sing decent... Enjoy!

Italo Darko

Recorded:  2010

Instruments:  Roland TR-707, Korg MS2000, Roland AlphaJuno, Novation KS, Roland JP-8080

Remember “Italo”? That “Made in Italy” dance music style that evolved from disco and introduced synthesizers? It became quite popular during the eighties. Remember Fred Ventura? Cliff Wedge? Well, i listened to a lot of that stuff during 2010 and so i came up with this track.

Grey Skies

Recorded:  2012

Instruments:  Roland TR-808, Logic and GForce soft synths

This song was originally composed and recorded by a minimal wave band called Turquoise Days. It’s from their album entitled Alternative Strategies. I love that song, very catchy. I made a remix using only the voice as the original piece from the track, the rest was created new from the ground up. I did a lot of layering on this one. The drum is from my TR-808, the real deal. The rest is soft synths.