Album:  The Stone Roses

Artist:  The Stone Roses

Label:  Silvertone

Released:  1989

What can i say that hasn’t been said already about this album. The Stone Roses’ first eponymous album changed my life. And it will certainly have the same effect on you once you give it a spin. No doubt this will become a classic in your collection (or a four star favourite in your itunes library).

I first heard the album at a time when i was living in Toronto, Canada. The 90’s had just started. Underground clubs were playing this stuff just before they converted into house and techno venues. In a way, this hypnotic british rock is a very natural precursor to the rave scene that was to follow.

John Leckie did a fantastic job at the desk. What a trip it must have been to  build the lads’ sound from the ground up and suddenly get the sense that something very important is about to emerge. But then again, he had good material to work with. And what about the musicians? No one a virtuoso in the true sense of the word but they had their own style. And let’s face it, John Squire has to be the most underrated guitar player of all time, Reni’s drumming was unlike no other, Gary’s riff in Fools Gold has to be the catchiest bass line in history, and Ian’s voice and sarcastic remarks glued the whole package well.

Their last opus from 1994 is also worth a listen. That’s when the music world turned its ugly head on Manchester and off to Seattle it went to feed on grunge noise for a while.

I play in a band from time to time. The guys in the band and I still enjoy playing She bangs the drums on a regular basis. This album should be played more often by club djs’s and any of the songs should be included in the set list of many cover bands.

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