Make it jazzy-funky

Recorded:  2007

Instruments:  EXS, EVB, Upright Jazz Bass, Garageband Jam Packs samples

I tend not to use a lot of pre-packaged loops, but this time i began a composition with some Apple Jam Pack loops to see what would come out of that. The loops i chose are the jazz guitar and piano tracks at the beginning of the song. This inspired me to go in a jazz-funk direction, somewhat of an unusual choice for me. The next natural sound that came to mind was the drum: i chose the indie drum kit from the list of Logic's preset instruments and just jammed away with my midi controller. Then, the next logical step was to add the funky organ line. I chose the Jazzy 1 preset from Logic's EVB organ. Only five tracks in total layered with little effects thrown in, just a catchy little number to jam along.

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