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disk 1

01/Comet 1

02/Comet 2

03/Comet 3

04/Comet 4

05/Comet 5

06/Comet 6

disk 2

01/Comets in Orbit

In this sound design experiment, i tried to come up with sounds that would remind the listener of comets flying in the galaxy. When all those sounds were mixed together, i wanted the listener to be projected out there in outer space and visualize each comet’s course from the comet’s perspective, rather than our usual sight of comets flying-by in the distance from the earth’s perspective.

Save for a few rhythmic parts, all sounds were programmed on the Korg MS2000 synth. Contrary to comets, which have a fixed orbital trajectory, my own creative path in this project was the result of absolute randomness.

I particularly enjoy doing this kind of sound manipulation. I intend to do more experiments like this one in the future and who  knows, maybe work on a documentary as a sound designer and producer.

In the meantime, don’t forget to buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride!

Comets in Orbit

Recorded:  2003

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