Song for Michelle

Recorded:  2007

Instruments:  Fender classical guitar, Studio Project B3 mic, Logic's EXS sampler

One night i was strumming my guitar randomly while Michelle was at her desk working. She made a nice comment about what i was playing, so i decided to set-up the mic and just press record. To dress it up a bit i added some harpsichord, flute and strings. A little EQ and reverb and that was all.

Ambient/New Age

Harold Buddhism

Recorded:  2003

Instruments:  Logic's EXS sampler, Korg MS 2000

This track came about totally by accident during the Comets in orbit project. I was programming the MS 2000 to produce a soft bass-like sound and upon hearing the result, my mind started to wonder outside of the project's theme and into a more earthy, grounded place. No wonder then that my next instrument of choice to accompany the synth line was the piano. I decided to drown it in reverb with an extra long tail setting. After playing a few notes, i couldn't help but be reminded of those Harold Budd records i used to listen to for a while. It definitely had that Brian Eno-esque ambient feel to it. I decided to make a separate track of it when the final piano line was laid down.

Synth melody No. 1

Recorded:  2007

Instruments:  Novation KS, EXS sampler & ES2 synth

This simple song came about as i was laying down some vintage drum machine rhythms. The TR-33 & 77 samples in the EXS come from Goldbaby Productions. The naive melody of the Novation synth followed and was mostly the result of improvisation. The dreamy pad in the background was added last using the ES2. Record needle static was added on purpose to give an old vinyl record feel to it.

Vintage wool

Recorded:  2008

Instruments:  EX (TR-77), ES1, ES2, EVOC, ESp, GForce M-Tron

A very mellow piece with some old school Mellotron string pads, courtesy of the folks at GForce. The drum samples were all obtained from Goldbaby and include some classic Roland TR-505 samples. I programmed Logic's ES2 lead melody that comes in at about the half-way mark to sound almost like a Theremin, reminiscent of old sci-fi movies. It's vintage sounding and has the soft warmth of wool on a cold day, which suggested this title to me.

Soft Dream

Recorded:  2008

Instruments:  EXS (TR-505, piano, orchestral kit), Novation KS, Korg MS2000

As the title suggests, this is a soft-dreamy piece. Very minimal, with few instruments. The 110 bpm rhythm is provided courtesy of Goldbaby's TR-505 samples loaded in the EXS. I also sprinkled a few orchestral hits here and there, then drowned them in reverb and delay. It gets hypnotic after you hear it looping a couple of times. Your eyes are getting very heavy now....

Twilight Zone Magic

Recorded:  2008

Instruments:  Novation KS, EXS sampler & ES2 synth

I built this song around a dialogue i lifted from a Twilight Zone episode called “Still Valley”. I like watching these old black and white sci-fi movies and tv shows from the 50s and 60s. The episode in particular tells the story of an old man who was able to freeze in time an entire army troop using his black magic powers. A skeptical Confederate soldier received the same faith when he refused to believe the old man’s explanation of what had just happened. “You claim it’s magic? I don’t claim it, i say it: it is magic!”